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Call (760) 707-3038 to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

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Does Medicare Cover Dental and Vision Services?

January 26, 2022

Here’s what you need to know about taking care of your teeth and eyes (and the bills for those services). 

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After Menopause, Depression Risk Increases

January 21, 2022

Researchers have found that in the absence of the hormone progesterone, variations in estrogen signal a greater chance of a woman developing clinical depression.

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Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment is Happening Now

January 11, 2022

From January 1 to March 31, Medicare operates an Open Enrollment Period strictly for those enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans.

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A New Treatment Might Make Reading Glasses Obsolete

January 4, 2022

In October, the FDA approved drops called Vuity, targeted at helping those who suffer from age-related near-vision blurriness.

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Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Starts on January 1

December 21, 2021

From January 1 to March 31, the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period allows you to make changes to your Advantage plan.

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What is the Difference between Medicare’s Annual Enrollment and Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment?

December 18, 2021

Medicare operates two different enrollment periods each year, each with a different purpose. So, what’s the difference between Medicare’s Annual Election Period and the Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment?

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Medicare Costs for 2022 Have Been Announced

December 8, 2021

Since out-of-pocket costs affect your overall budget, here’s what you need to know about Medicare premiums and other costs in 2022.

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Guard Against This Common Winter Health Risk

December 1, 2021

With experts predicting a surge in Covid cases that might frighten you into staying home even more, what can you do to combat loneliness and preserve your mental and emotional health?

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